Fabolous And Emily B. Are Still In Love After That Big Fight!

Emily recently appeared in court to show support for her man Fabolous.

(AllHipHop News) At what point, as a woman, do you say “enough is enough”?

Emily B. wouldn’t know that answer, as she clearly is knee deep in an ocean full of broken teeth and broken love.

As reported, Fabolous allegedly knocked out a few teeth during a domestic dispute with Emily when he learned that she popped up in L.A. while he was there too.

But, what’s a few broken crowns when love is in the air? After removing herself from the social sphere for a few weeks, Emily returned with all (repaired) smiles on IG and gave us all a reason to believe in romance again...even the unhealthy kind.

She was standing tall by her man the Bergen Superior courtroom when she sat with and left with, Fab during a deposition hearing.

It’s almost sickening to see a situation like this play out. Millions of women from all walks of life are in these very similar circumstances when they are convinced by their significant others that things will change, or even worse when the blame is placed on them. Hopefully, Emily sees the value in herself and realizes that it’s higher than any value a relationship could have.

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Tf you know about homes situation, shawty prolly fabricated that story hell did allhiphop ever get proof of her teeth fucked up?!?