Fabolous Returns To Instagram! Will The Emily B Pictures Come Out?

Fab tip toes back to the IG and social media world.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I don’t know why this is a thing, but this is a thing. Fabolous has come back to IG after being accused of beating the breaks off his ex. And he does it in the smartest way possible – TURNS OFF THE COMMENTS. They were killing Fab in the comments! For now, Fab stands accused, but has not been convicted. Emily B says he knocked out her teeth! People universally were like, “Not Fab!” But, for now “YES FAB!” Anyway, he is accused of assault and terroristic threats…upwards of 10 years in the worst case scenario.

In order to mark his return, Fab posted pictures of him and his KIDS.


Now, if Fab knocked her teeth out, there are pictures. There is no way they are going to wait until trial to release the pictures. Why? They want to taint the jury pool! They want as many people as they can to see those pictures. All people want to know is IF and WHEN will the pictures come out?

First, Juelz gets out of jail and then Fab comes back to the Gram.

No. 1-8

I don't think its a celebration. I think that black people, unlike most other races, have been mistreated by the judicial system so much that its an automatic reaction to give pause when it comes to sending a black man away. Before I give Fab's incarceration my stamp of approval I need total fool-proof evidence. I'm a trillion percent against abusive relationships, but Emily could be lying to get back at him for something. Of course people who've never had family or friends innocently imprisoned will be quick to say "lock him up!" before they know anything. As far as illseed an AHH goes, what else are they supposed to report on?


looking real guilty with his posts smh. turn them comments back on!


FAB about to take that long vacation. Better get ready to pay that T.I. lawyer money. Might end up doing some PSAs about domestic violence too. Cats gotta know when to walk away. It ain't worth it. Unless someone hurts your kids physically why give up your freedom?


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I’m talking about the fact you posted the crap multiple times. You had like 3 different reactions to Juelz Santana “coming home”. Like he was our defending the country in Iraq or something.