Fabolous Will Have An Unbelievable Star Witness in Domestic Abuse Case!

Fabolous is probably going to beat charges claiming he smacked up Emily B.

By: Ne’ Richa (@LiteShado)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Despite Fab's recent indictment, 4 charges to be exact, in the aftermath of the on-camera brawl between his girlfriend, Emily B, and her father…things seem to be looking somewhat positive in the relationships of the three.

Even though Emily has lost a few teeth dealin’ with Fab, she hasn’t lost her love and neither has her father.

The both father and Fab called it a truce the NEXT DAY after the driveway dispute. Since then, Fab and Emily have been caught on numerous vacations.

More bizarre, her father has apparently vowed to testify on Fab’s behalf, should the case go to court.

Ain’t no love like wealthy, abusive love…boy I tell ya!

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Fabolous your a joke you beat the shit out of your girlfriend like a punching bag hopefully when u go to prison I hope u get the shit beat out u like u did to your girlfriend so maybe one day u will regret your mistakes


low self esteem woman with a broke father who needs money. typical story in black households. i hope the rumors about busted teeth are untrue, otherwise this is despicable.


What a fine line to walk. Someday they'll realize they don't need Fab(and by they I mean Emily and her father). You know I get trying to keep your family but guess what someday your kids grow up and then what? 😎