Fact Or Fiction: Keith Murray Says He Beat Up Tupac And Splatted Dame Dash


Keith Murray beat up Dame Dash and busted Dame Dash in the head with a bottle? YIKES?!

(AllHipHop Rumors) People talk sh-t and don’t ever have to back it up. Keith Murray is not one of those dudes. He’s been a wild one since he flashed a razor in on of those old videos. But, here is the thing: that was before social media. Now, you have to do wild stuff over and over and over to get credit for it.

"I squared off with 2pac in the House of Blues. Ask anyone who was there. I was fistf-ghting n-ggas in the industry and kept it cool. I splashed n-ggas and splattered n-ggas"

KM says Redman was there. And there were others there. Look at the video and weigh in.

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I doubt he squared up with Pac especially in L.A. during that era. I heard years ago that Dame got jumped in Paris while hanging with the model chicks, someone bust Dame in the head with a bottle, but it was not Keith Murray... SMH


Even if he did all this😒 what did you gain....not nothing you don't even get mentioned by the Youth in hiphop bro....You dead!