Fake News: The Rumor About Jay-Z And Nipsey Hussle Isn't Real!

Jay-Z has a history of doing incredible things, but not this time.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Jay-Z and Nipsey have a significant history together. Remember, Jay helped push Nip into the forefront when he copped 100 copies of Crenshaw, which Nip was selling for a cool $100. The project sold out in a single day, in part, due to Jay-Z giving it a ton of press. Anyway, since - they have been very cool and we all saw how dapper and pretty Nipsey and wife Lauren London looked at the recent Roc Brunch in Los Angeles for the Grammys. Anyway, Jay-Z has don't so much for people in recent times that it wasn't unthinkable that he would do something insanely generous for Nip and his family. But, we were skeptical that he would have already established a $15 million fund for his kids. Welp!

It ain't true. This is the time that we are living in, where fake news can be real for a moment as long as nobody does any due diligence. It didn't take much for us to establish that this was not real, but was pretty clear from the start. Nevertheless, Nipsey is being supported so much in death that I know that his kids will be fine. If his raps are true, he had millions in insurance on his life, should something happen to him.

Oh well.

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So the top story on your website is about a fake story?????