Famous Dex Don’t Want Smoke

Famous Dex was very shocking during "Shocktober" Fest appearance.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Dex officially shocked the sh*t out of a few fans following his Shocktober fest appearance at the University of California-Irvine on Saturday. During his show, he decided to nose dive into the crowd, which led to a stampede, and consequently, ending the festivities prematurely.

A fan’s cam caught the rapper trying to leave in his vehicle, but his fans were too hype to let that go down! Agitated, Dex decided to pull out a firearm and point it into the crowd, and again, causing a stir.

Due to the danger, a tweet was made by the campus police stating “Male 25 yr 5'11 seen inside wht veh poss plate# 8BBT053 with a gun at pereira & w peltason, call 911 if veh seen," as they try to find Dex.

After about an hour, the campus police tweeted, “Campus all clear, vehicle believed to have left the area,”. It’s unknown if charges will be found, and he has yet to speak publicly on the matter.