Fan Planning Lawsuit After Dogg Pound Lights That Ass Up

A fan's iPhone blew up as the Dogg Pound was playing.

By: Ne' Richa (@LiteShado)

(AllHipHop Rumors) As rare as it is for an Apple product to malfunction (insert sarcasm here), it looks like that’s exactly what happened to one Dogg Pound fan after her iPhone 6 decided that her playlist was too hot to handle.

Apparently, a woman by the name of Amanda was enjoying her newly arrived iPhone 6 after making an insurance claim on her previous iPhone 5.

Everything seemed up to specs, until she decided to throw on some Dogg Pound, courtesy of Pandora, and then it all went downhill from there. I really wish I knew what song she was on, so I know to skip it on my spotify.


As the song played, her phone, without warning, spontaneously combusted.

The phone was in her back pocket at the time, leaving her with some burn injuries

on her cheeks.

In addition, her jeans were burned right through. She’s seeking damages from the incident, and has already secured legal representation.

Daz Dillinger was made aware of the incident, and as a hookup, sent her some Dogg Pound panties to ease her tensions (aww, how sweet).

But, that doesn’t change the fact that she’s over Apple products

for the time being. Personally, I don’t think Apple was the issue.

Her biggest mistake was not playing Dogg Pound in a lowrider from a cassette tape instead of on her phone.

According to sources a lawsuit is on the way.