Fans Go Off On KRON4 Anchors Over "Drunk Or High" Diddy Comments


Two anchors are facing some major backlash following disrespectful comments they made about music mogul Diddy.

By Ne’ Richa

(AllHipHop Rumors) Apparently, after over 20 years of proving himself a successful, provocative, businessman with a keen sense of timing and style, Sean “Diddy” Combs will still only be seen as a typical “blunt-smoking”, “40 ounce guzzling” fella. That’s according to Henry Wofford and Darya Folsom, two news anchors who are faces of San Francisco’s KRON-TV.

Wofford, by phone and live on air, mercilessly described Combs as these things, in addition to insinuating that he should “stick to what he knows best” and “not step out of his comfort zone”, in regards to the mogul’s recent announcement of interest in buying the Carolina Panthers. Despite Combs very normal and sober look, Wofford also went on to say that Combs looked “high” in a simple Instagram video that streamed in the background of the news segment as Folsom giggled along.

No one is quite sure what sparked such….classless & disparaging remarks against the business man, who has been cited on many occasions for his successful ventures by Forbes since the mid-90’s.

What’s worse, some would say, is the fact that Wofford himself is a black man. Yes….a black man criticizing the professional aspirations of another black man.

As of December 18th, Wofford issued a “formal” apology on Twitter, but still barely grazes the surface of the underlying problem. While he cites that he innocently was “answering a question” and that things were “taken out of context”…one has to wonder where he garnered the inner acceptance to even express such crass commentary and a scathingly incorrect depiction of the MULTI-millionaire who has proven himself in every aspect to be a deserving man who has earned every accolade he's achieved. We still have a long way to go, Folks.

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Corny ass Oreo ass nigga ain’t nobody drank 40 oz’s since the early 90 ‘s