Female Rapper Beef Breaks Out On Social Media!

What do Thee Stallion and Asian Da Brat Have In Common?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Who knew people cared about if people write their raps or not? I thought all that lyric shmyric crap was regulated to old heads and Hip-Hop purists. I got news for ya! Some folks actually do care! I have always cared, but now a rap chick has called some of her peers.

Asian Da Brat. I wonder what Da Brat thinks of that? Anyway, I digress! She made this proclamation about writing her own ish that included Thee Stallion in it. Ok, yall write your own stuff? OK, I get it. The thing is she didn't direct the comment to anybody in particular like I thought. But I suppose people got offended by it.

Now, I don't know much about The City Girls, but they got some good stuff. I think they are an updated, newer version of Trina. Yung Miami didn't take kindly to the comment. She fired back and didn't say any names either, as you can see. Personally, I am not hearing a lot that makes me think it matters if you write your own stuff or not. No disrespect to anybody.

Da Brat needs to come back out.

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Female rappers getting their stance on the hip hop world..