Fetty Wap Blasted For Not Spending Time With Premature Daughter


Fetty Wap is beefing with one of his baby mamas once again!

By Ne'Richa

(AllHipHop Rumors) Fetty Wap's baby mama drama is alive and well, as made apparent by his latest baby mama Alexis Skyy.

She decided to vent on Instagram about her recent woes with the rapper, and how she luckily doesn’t have to depend on anyone for help.

She called out the rapper in somewhat of a bluff/threat, stating that if he did not send over supporting funds, she would have the courts handle the matter.

Apparently Alexis is mad at about Fetty spending time with another woman when their premature daughter needs funds.

Another one of his baby mama's, Masika, decided that her input was also valuable, as she subtlety shaded Alexis for making such a poor decision of a baby father, all in an effort to embarrass her. Why don’t these women ever learn?

Why doesn't Fetty get a vasectomy? Why do these women continue to have kids with rappers and men like this period?



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