Fetty Wap Requested A Nice Amount & An Interesting Rider To Perform At UGA


Apparently The University of Georgia paid Fetty Wap $100,000 for a recent concert on campus at their Stegeman Coliseum. Now we know Fetty had some "hits", and a steady buzz, but is he worth $100K for a 60 minute performance? The students weren't too happy about Fetty showing up late. The Athens Banner-Herald reported that a payment was to be made via university check mailed the next business day following the performance. Fetty's call time was around 8:45 PM, but Fetty didn't appear on stage until after 10 PM, and performed less than an hour.

Check out his said rider list though:

  • Salmon - grilled or broiled (well done)
  • One hundred chicken wings (variety of sauces)
  • Fifty pieces of grilled or fried shrimp
  • Popeye brand chicken (assorted pieces of 6)
  • Two pizzas (plain)
  • Two pizzas (pepperoni)
  • One bag of Doritos
  • Six protein Balance bars
  • Dessert platter including banana pudding and carrot cake
  • Assorted fruit platter
  • Variety of cold beverages - water, soda, iced tea, Red Bull

Fetty's rider caused a Twitter stir as it was revealed condoms and alcohol were items included on the list as well. Who were the condoms for though, because the way Fetty gets a new baby mama every other day, they couldn't have been for him. LOL. What would be on your rider list?