Floyd Mayweather Debuts New Fur While Dissing American Gangster

AllHipHop Staff

Floyd Mayweather is no novice to attention and last night he was ready to debut his latest purchase.

By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) One of the Original Kings of trolling made his return last night. It was all captured and later reposted on Instagram as Floyd Mayweather showcased one of his best fur coats. Money Mayweather donned the $100,000 chinchilla fur coat for a special occasion and it wasn't just any special occasion.

The Chinchilla made its luxurious debut in glorious fashion by making an appearance on the jumbotron during last night's Super Bowl game.

The game would see the Philadelphia Eagles top the defending champion New England Patriots 41-33. Floyd Mayweather is no novice to attention and was ready to recapture the moment.Here is where we see Floyd Mayweather throw a punch at a former American Gangster.


The shot wasn't physically thrown but was stated in a more subtle way via words.

"I see some of you are making comparisons to the custom $100,000.00 chinchilla fur coat I wore last night to the off the rack, Rex rabbit fur Frank Lucas wore in his day.," said Floyd. He continued, "I’ve been wearing chinchillas since the late 90’s, in fact I wore chinchilla boxing trunks in 2003 in my fight against Phillip Ndou. ‘American Gangster’ didn’t come out until 2007, which was my first time ever hearing of the confidential informant, Frank Lucas."

Things were already reaching new levels there, but that wasn't the end of Money Mayweather's statement.

"Now I’ve been called plenty of things in my life, but being compared to a legendary snitch is not one of them! Honor & Loyalty has been my code throughout my entire life and that is how I will always remain! I’ve never wanted to be anything or anyone but MYSELF!," he continued.

We all know Floyd is a wild boy, but I had no idea he was that wild. Furthermore, I never knew the fashion game was even more serious, but I do now thanks to Floyd.

Who do you think has the better fur coat game Floyd Mayweather or Frank Lucas?*


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I like Floyd but I wish he'd grow up with this materialism ish.. He needs to go deeper.


Bro u trickin regardless !! You gone spend something on that pussy if it be movies dinner drinks and all that other shit ! I figured that out along time ago and I ain’t even rich but if I was I would prob do the same cause who got the time to try to sort the real from the fake so fuck em put em on the clock


J Prince wins


Floyd is a little man with a big ego. And he cant read. SO hes always trying to knock someone else to make himself look good. When you loaded like that and you still have to pay women to spend time with you, its a sign that you';ve got serious problems. Floyd stay straight trickin.



Wow. He really went in on Frank Lucas.