Folks Believe That Nicki Minaj Is Trying To Steal Cardi B's Shine!


Big mad or nah? Check out why people believe that Nicki Minaj is bothered by Cardi's success.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Although we all, especially celebrities, use our social media accounts to promote what we have going on simultaneously with others, folks believe Nicki Minaj's timing to promote some of her praises and accomplishment is a little suspect since it's Cardi B's moment to shine!

As you know, Cardi B's hit "Bodak Yellow" reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart!

While Nicki Minaj did congratulate Cardi with a post in her comments and a tweet, people aren't completely convinced that the love and support was genuine.

Nicki has even rapped that the labels are trying to make another her, which many felt was directed at Cardi. To most it feels like there is something going on between Cardi and Nicki under the radar and behind the scenes. It just feels like that fake cordial sh-t.

Cardi's response to Charlamagne & DJ Envy asking her had her and Nicki spoke was even awkward.

Regardless of Nicki's previous successful reigns, she need's to be trying to get on another 'Bodak Yellow" remix.

The reason people felt that Nicki was trying to steal Cardi's shine, and that her congratulations wasn't genuine is the fact that Nicki has been promoting "Rake It Up" so hard while everyone is praising Cardi, and she's even been posting things like Lil Uzi Vert repping her album 'The Pinkprint', and talking about how it sold 5 million.

People don't believe Taylor Swift was being genuine with sending Cardi flowers either, after Cardi dethroned Swift with taking the No.1 spot.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Nicki is strategically trying to steal the attention, or is she just behaving normally?

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