For The Win:Lil Kim Responds To Troll's Comment With A Classy Clapback


Kim said she's NOT here for the body shaming

By Trendspotter (@Trendspotter_86)

(AllHipHop Rumors) After being shamed for her plastic surgeries, the alleged bleaching of her skin, and not being the giant behind her hardcore pen.

Lil Kim is now being dragged for the couple of pounds she has picked up since giving birth to her beautiful 3-year-old daughter, Royal Reign.

Kim has been a little thicker these days and doesn’t seem to be dropping the weight.

A lurker on the Brooklyn natives Instagram unsuccessfully tried to body shame her.

Kim responded with the classiest clap back and even took some time to encourage our thicker sisters out there too while spilling the beans on her weight loss journey.

She even through in a, “I been working” also.

Kim told the hating azz fan,

“By judging your pics I give you a strong 2.”

Always being the target of social media jokes from looks to dance moves, Kim continues to secure the bag.

The hardcore rapper has also been doing countless shows, in the studio heavy, and she even dropped a single titled, “Took Us A Break”.

Her and Remy Ma have also been making some nice moves together musically.

It's good to see that Lil Kim has tough skin. I mean she'd have to at this point especially after facing years of criticism and ridicule!

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Kim can still get it, still sexy.