Former G-Unit Rappers Have Some Words For 50 Cent!

Young Buck and Kidd Kidd both have queries for G-Unit.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Here are two former rappers on G-Unit, Kidd Kidd and Young Buck. Both respected and both still able to get the people talking. Both have some questions and comments about G-Unit. First of all, you probably saw that Young Buck got a cease and desist from G-Unit and Buck went HAM, SPAM AND PORK ROLLS

! Did you think it was over? NAH. Buck is much calmer though. He has questions and wants to know if he is still on G-Unit, since the squad opposes his new Valentines Day album, A Box Of Chocolate.

And then there's the homie Kidd Kidd. We recently interviewed him and he said a LOT. Click here if you wanna read it: Former G-Unit Soldier Kidd Kidd Reflects On 50 Cent, Indie Life + More. It is a pretty lengthy interview so I didn't read it all, but I didn't sense any animosity. His new video is a different story. Now, Kidd Kidd has a new song called "Fuked Over" and it seems to insinuate some issues with his former squad. Now if you don't want to see the whole song, go to the 2:17 mark for the lil comment. Its not a lot so I suggest just enjoying the song. But, its there.

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This nigga still alive?? smhhhh