Foxy Brown Accused Of Snatching Big Stacks Of Money!

Foxy may be the best bandit ever if this new report is factual.

(AllHipHop Rumors) What did Foxy Brown do now?! I Don't know how, but Fox Boogie Brown always manages to stay in the headlines. This time, they are saying that Foxy was to perform a pair of songs during fashion week for a cool $10k! You hear me!? 10 BANDS! Foxy allegedly showed up to the event at 2:30 am, where there were only a few people there and grabbed the check from the promoter then bounced. HOW? Cue up Chris Rock Face.

You gotta respect the jux if it went down like that. All I know for sure is that Foxy was dope on the new Nicki Minaj album.

Here is what TMZ is stating about the whole ordeal.

> Foxy Brown took thousands of dollars to perform at an event, showed up hours late, grabbed a check out of the organizer's hand and skipped out ... so claims a furious promoter who is now on the verge of suing.


> Foxy agreed to perform 2 songs at the LaQuan Smith party Sunday night during New York Fashion Week. In return, she was going to pull in $10k ... $5k in advance and the balance at the party


> We're told the party came and went ... with Foxy nowhere in sight. We're told at 2:30 AM, when there were only a handful of stragglers left, she showed, grabbed the $5k check out of the organizer's hand and booked it for the door. Our sources say Foxy didn't sing a single note.


> The people who threw the shindig are furious and want to give Foxy an ultimatum ... return the money, or we'll see you in court.


> We tried multiple times to reach Foxy, but were unsuccessful

Ya'll not gonna find Foxy!