Freeky Zekey Clear Up Gala Incident!

AllHipHop Staff

Freeky Zeeky is here to clear his name after an incident regarding a gala event last October!

By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) Dipset's Freeky Zekey is back with a response to recent allegations against him. The rapper was brought in to host a gala event in October 2017. According to event organizers, they paid Freeky $1600 to perform.

The $1600 was an advance deposit to lock in the deal. The organizer claims that Freeky Zekey arrived intoxicated, 15 minutes before the event ending, only hyped up the crowd for a few minutes and still requested to be paid the remaining fee. She also states, that the rapper stole her phone and it was reset when she got it back weeks later.

However, Freeky Zekey is now telling his own version of the story. Freeky states he was late to the event, but only because he thought it ended at 1 am and not 11 pm. He also says that he waited for his turn to perform after another performer. After his performance, he says he also gave a speech about the importance of domestic violence prevention.

Freeky Zekey also said that he asked for the remaining balance after his performance. He says he was then asked to wait until the end of the night and only after asking again was he then asked to go outside and handed an envelope with less than the remaining balance in it.

He denies snatching the woman's phone but says her mom said she would pay the remaining balance. He then followed her to an ATM machine and got down on his knees and thanked her after receiving the remaining balance.


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