Freeky Zekey Zips The Bag

Rapper Accused of Money Extortion!

By Ne’ Richa (@IAmNeRicha)

When rappers fall on hard times, the whole village can feel it.

Dipset emcee, Freekey Zekey, is being accused of strong-arming the Founder of Sisters In Charge, Tamara Charles.

Allegedly, the incident happened during a black tie masquerade back in October in Melrose, Mass. During the event, Freekey Zekey showed up late and barely did more than converse with co-guest JuJu from LHHNY.

In addition to his lack of participation, he also showed up late, despite already being fronted $1600 in advance for booking. The agreement would have netted him another $1600, but instead Tamara felt his lack of professionalism only earned him $500, and after attempting to give him that, the rapper turned up.

An altercation between the Zekey, Charles, and Charles’ mother occurred outside which led to her mother being forced to an ATM to pay Zekey an untold about of money. Charles has since taken the steps to file a civil suit for the matter.

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zeek dat dude.


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