French Montana Ethers Rick Ross' Ex Lira Galore!


Shawty might not want to joke with anyone else for a while.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Awww man! French didn't have to do her like that!

Rick Ross' ex, Lira Galore, had to learn the hard way that she may not want to joke with anyone, especially not celebrities on social media.

French Montana taught her quite the lesson when he took it a bit far by clapping back at a joke she made about his shoes.

French posted a photo where he seemed to be feeling himself and his attire.

People in the comments either hated the look or loved it, and you know that those who hated it wasted no time going in on the rapper.

French seemed to ignore the critics until Lira Galore stepped in the comments laughing at his shoes. Now here is where things went left.

Lira said,

"French, the shoes my guy."

French replied saying,

"That box."

Some folks, of course, had a field day laughing at French's comment about Lira's vagina, while others told him that he took it too far.

Do you think French was out of line for his comment? Did he go too far?

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Comments (5)
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I thought this would have a pic of Lira, but oh well. As for French, she is absolutely correct about them kicks. Who dresses these dude? #THEPUFFYEFFECT!!


How would he know about her box? Unless Ross spit on her.


You call that being ethered!?


French matured a lot since he was 25.


FrenchFry 'ethering' any one....?@! Now THAT'S FUNNY! This LAME AZZ is mumbling bumbling stumbling crumbling his way through his '15 minutes' of infamy for being one of THE WORST cRappers ever! fact he's bosom buddies with OfficerRicky-the FAKE RickRoss is even WORSE! GTFOH...