French Montana Is A Free Man Again!

Over the weekend there was considerable chatter over Lil Kim, Fabolous and Cardi B...

(AllHipHop Rumors) Today is Easter and a Sunday so, YES it is a slow day. So, YES, we are about to talk about the foibles of French Montana. I cannot tell a lie: I don’t care! BUT, I guess it is worth noting that the homie French is back on the market after an apparent breakup from OG Hottie Evelyn Lozada. Check out what she posted:

French has run through quite a few people in the game. I guess we will have to wait and see what is next for him.


Check out what was sent to me from a message board! These people are not playing with the Cardi B leaks!

Since it’s publicly known that Cardi has filmed her music videos back to back on this album, I thought I’d share a little droplet I have on the album. Before fame, Cardi took her music more serious than she does now. Atlantic doesn’t like the way she structured her songs previously and felt they didn’t sound like hits. Her previous mixtapes were all ignored because they were average. Whenever Offset isn’t around to lead the way, she gives random or troll tracks like the song Cheap Ass Weave. Since, Cardi lacks the ability to grow as an artist due to not caring or making troll songs, Atlantic has pulled in the big guns. They’re forcing female rappers to give her the soon to be hit records that they were going to place on their projects. Atlantic wants her to be the generation’s Lauryn Hill, which is why despite being angry she’s pregnant, they’ve accepted it. Snow Tha Product’s projects have been postponed and put on the shelf and they’ve taken records from her to give to Cardi. One of her team members M, I’ll call her M but you can research her name if you’d like, M is leaving the label since she knows that the label is now a shit show and it’s a sinking ship. Female rappers all over social media are being scouted to help Cardi. Yes, Offset still has major pull and is in control of her music and life, but he doesn’t mind that tracks are given to her so that he can focus on other things like cheating and doing drugs.



Fabolous stands accused of hitting his ex Emily B. While the footage of him is pretty damning, it is not a guilty verdict. As I have previously reported, Jadakiss and Fab performed over the weekend in New York City. What I may not have mentioned was that Lil Kim also rocked with Fab. I knew it, but it didn’t seem material to what I had previously stated. Until now. I guess there is a few vantage point of Kim and Fab rocking over the weekend. It seems people are looking Kimmie like a leper for performing with an accused domestic abuser. Remember, Kim had a really bad, bad experience with Biggie and domestic violence.

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French Fry is a JOKE! a NO TALENT bumblin' his 15 minutes of 'fame' through Mumble Fumble BS before his LACK of Real Skills is EXPOSED! #DuddysB*tchBoy