Fruit Town Pirus in Compton Speak On Soulja Boy & Chris Brown's Gang "Credibility"


(AllHipHop Rumors) I knew we couldn't be the only ones giving Chris Brown and Soulja Boy a strong side eye.

It looks like there are some members of the Fruit Town Piru Bloods gang that aren't here for Soulja Boy and Chris Brown or their gang "affiliation."

Street Gangs caught up with some of the Piru gang to try to figure out how in the world were these two artists able to claim the gang.

The gang members want to send the message that they are Bompton regardless, with or without any celebrities.

During the interview the members of the gang also confirmed that they were on the same street that Soulja Boy recorded the video where people thought he got jumped in.

A lot of people want to know how could Soulja Boy just pull up and walk around like that. According to these members, Soulja Boy is paying the right OG's and talking to the right OG's, but according to them Soulja Boy can't just come over to their hood by himself.

As far as they are concerned, these celebrities aren't from the hood, or a part of the gang, they are just cool with folks that are.

The Bompton Piru's say it doesn't matter what Chris and Soulja are talking about because they will never claim them. They also feel like the Soulja Boy and Chris Brown stuff is all entertainment, when in actuality gang life is not entertainment at all as it's very real.

The individuals interviewed also want to know: if they are going to claim Bompton Piru, why aren't they putting anyone from the gang on. They've expressed that no one they know is co-signing Soulja and Chris' antics, and the people who allowed Soulja Boy to come to the hood were all paid.


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