Funkmaster Flex & DJ Clue Trade Shots On Instagram!


Someone get DJ Clue on the phone ASAP please ! To no surprise, Flex is with the sh-ts again!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Sometimes I swear Funkmaster Flex's mission is to do the absolute most, be extra AF, and to be annoying AF.

Well, with his latest antics, he's gone at DJ Clue!

"You know what the funny thing is about Clue. I respect Clue, and Clue is a good guy. The thing that he has trouble with is he's a wack DJ. Don't be coy and your talent is trash. That's what bothers me about certain DJs. Don't be coy or cute and you know you can't handle it. And that n-gga will never be heard when I'm on that radio. I'll look you in your eyes and tell you that. No n-gga has come in that slot and made a name of my back in this city in my city. Never. Never...... There have been f-cking 15 n-ggas in that slot...... You can't even remember none of them n-ggas names. You can't come to my city and be on when I'm on and somebody know what the f-ck you did last night. When's that gonna happen when I'm coming out that speaker?" said Flex.

Clue has seemingly responded saying,

"The clowns are back out man. Be careful out there. Think they talking after they smoked that K2 or something."

What are your thoughts? Does Flex have a point, or is he reaching? Who you got? Team Flex or Team Clue?

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Errrnt....plug up and give it a shot. And before you take it there I rock vinyl or Serato. You still gotta have skills. This is all about skills vs rocking a party. Flex is mixing the 2 up as he talks. I don't agree and still say Clue isnt the greatest..but no where near trash.


DJs dont even have to have much talent these days, the software tells you the bpm and beat matches and basically mixes everything for you. DJing today is more about the songs then the mixing/scratching etc.