Funkmaster Flex Still Isn't A Drake Fan

AllHipHop Staff


(AllHipHop Rumors) Oh Funk Flex!

It appears that Funkmaster Flex is still NOT here for the 6 God!

Remember Flex wasn't too excited about Drake telling an audience at Madison Square Garden a while back that he'd stop by Hot 97 if they fired the veteran DJ and personality.

As usual, Flex took to Twitter to inform his fans that he had something up his sleeve for Drizzy. Flex went on a 23-minute rant dropping all kinds of bombs for Drake. He informed Drake that he was no threat to him, and he didn't fear losing his job at the station.

Flex also made it clear that he did not feel like Drake was in the top 5 rappers list, as he's not down with the ghostwriters.

Well if you were ever wonder would Flex move past his issues with Drake, the answer is probably not. Flex took to Instagram to post a jab at Drake with a Biggie meme with a caption that read,

"Drake? Never heard of her!!!"

Oh and he had some very petty hashtags.

"#FunkFlexIsAPettyPieceOf💩 #WhatsWrongWithFlex #FlexIsADickRider #FlexToOldHeNeedToStepDowm #WhatsThatMeatInTheBackOfFlexsHead #FlexTakeMoneyToPlayRecords #NeedDjClueToDropABombOnIt #PumpFakerFlex #FunkFlexBitchAssCantComeToNewJersey #NiggaImAtTheStationWhereUSaysTravisScott #FlexOldAndWashedUpSaysBowwow #FireFlexAndIWilldoYourShow #DontPutMyNameInYourMouthUnlessYouPlayingMyRecordsSaysLilYahty #ImTellingUFlexBeatsWomen #IWillSmackTheShitOutOfFlexSaysTaxStone #FlexIsBitchHeWontSignOffOnTheTunnelDoc #NoMoreHot97djsWillWorkAtOurClubs #ImTellingUFlexSentThemToJumpMe"

Sometimes I wonder about Flex.

Although Flex and Drake are no stranger to feuds and beefs, I wonder will Drake even respond to this jab.