Future & Ciara Are Facing Much Backlash Over Social Media Posts!


Fans felt some subliminal disses and some hypocrisy from a few of Future & Ciara's posts.

By Ne'Richa

(AllHipHop Rumors) Just a few short years ago, Ciara made headlines with her tumultuous relationship with lean-sipping rapper, Future.

In the midst of their fallouts, many nasty verbal exchanges took place which eventually led to lawsuits being slung.

Lately it’s been quiet between the two, but recently, Future made sure to subtlety shade his ex as she 1, 2 stepped her foot into her own mouth.

After sharing a video of a sermon from John W. Gray III, which aimed at making women feel that they have to be a “wife” BEFORE marriage, she posted the caption “#LevelUp”, and the drama ensued.

Her single followers were less than amused at her quip, and were quickly inspired to remind her that she’s gone through many public trials herself before settling down.

In the midst of it all, Future decided to add his two cents. Without mentioning her name specifically, he posted,

“Make sense on social media. Great job”.

It wasn’t long before everyone added two and two and quickly surmised that he had to be referring to Cici.

Oh yeah, Future is also facing backlash for the way he chose to remember the late rapper Freddo Santana

Are these two still blowing hot and cold because the love is still there? Or, can two people really hate each other this much?




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No. 1-1

How silly. The video nor her response had anything to do with her ex. She left him in 2014 and never looked back. She is happily married and enjoying life with her family. He seems butt hurt still and needs to move on with his life.