Future Denies Cheating & Dogging Women


In interesting news, Future says he's the most loving and caring person that you will ever meet!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Somehow or another Future's cover story with Flaunt Magazine slipped through the cracks for many and has now resurfaced.

Jericho Brown digs deep into Future's story as he gets Future to reveal intricate details about his journey from childhood to rap stardom.

In the interview, one thing that Future took time to clear up is the misconception about him mistreating women.

Brown asked Future what were the misconceptions that came along with being Future, to which Future replied saying,

“That I’m just some kind of dude that, if I’m in a relationship, that I’m a cheater, that I just dog women out. It comes from just the image. Certain things I don’t speak on, but it’s not true. That’s the part of me that has to suffer sometimes. But I feel like in due time people will understand I’m the most caring, loving person they’ll probably ever meet.”

We know Future's love life hasn't necessarily been glamorous, and we know that he has four baby mama's and a formerly called off engagement with his ex-fiancee, singer Ciara.

In the interview, Future capitalizes on what makes him unique, and he also knows that rappers like him aren't known for their propensity to be "tender".

I guess it's hard for celebrities to trust to fall in love, and it's hard for women to trust these rappers when ones like Future rap about stealing girls from other men, and f-cking two at the same time.

What's funny is most people, especially the women don't believe that Future's claims are rooted in any type of validity or reality. Many people also pointed out that Future raps about dogging women and his actions in real life haven't proven otherwise.

Does Future have a caring side? Is he evolving? Are his lyrics full of sh-t? Or is this a PR stunt that he's trying to pull?



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