Future Surprises Lori Harvey With Similar Birthday Surprise As Ex-Girlfriends!

Simone Grant

Future may want to come up with a better birthday surprise next time.

If you haven’t heard Future and Lori Harvey have been boo’d up lately. While they haven’t officially announced their relationship, I think we all know that the two are definitely dating.

Lori has been getting flewed out all over the world and for her 23rd birthday, surprised her with a private jet to go somewhere nice I’m sure, and an exquisite hotel room decked out with rose petals and candles.

Awww, right.

Well we knew the nice gesture wouldn’t last too long as social media would begin comparing her birthday surprise with his past relationships. Future did the same exact thing with his last two girlfriends-his baby mother Joie Chavis and Brittni Mealy. Looks like the roses and candles aren’t a new thing for him after all. 

Lori seems happy so I guess that’s all that matters, right ?

What y’all think? Would you be mad if your man copied birthday surprises from his past relationships?

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Who cares! According to this dumb ass logic... you Hoes is sayin a Guy can only give one ☝🏾 Bytch a Rose 🌹 per lifetime! Shut y’all stupid asses up


I think it will be interesting to see in the "Future" how many kids he ends up with! SMDH!!!!


is it me or is it funny because all these rappers talk like crap about women put them near the butt kissers with doing stuff like this your true player you don't even have to do stuff like that to get it