Get Ready For Joe Budden Vs The Game AGAIN....And With Cyn Santana On Tape?

Revenge porn is a crime, but why is The Game...going after Joe's wife!

(AllHipHop Rumors) This is soooooooooooooooooooo crazy! The Game is on a tear. Before I get into the BS, I just want to say that The Game's new album, what ever it is called, sounds really good. I don't think he needs to resort to the things he's doing to get our attention to this album. Anyway, it started with Kim Kardashian getting choke and swallowing kids. And it is now the beef phase for the album roll out. Apparently. The Game had some dealings with Joe Budden's now wife, Cyn Santana. I don't know anything about Cyn, but I know she is married to Joe. I also know they have a kid. I also know that The Game and Joe had a beef that went on for a long time. Lastly I know that they squashed that beef years ago. It looks like it may be restarted in 2019.

It seems like The Game has sex tapes on both Kim Kardashian and Cyn Santana! How, in 2019? Maybe with KK, since she got her entire career started with a sex tape. Anyway, The Game can't play the game of playing with dude's wives.Revenge porn is a crime! But, I am not sure that The Game is getting revenge for. This is wild af. I think Wack 100 is the evil mastermind behind all this.

This might just pull dude Joey out of retirement!

Anyway, DJ AK is the one talking about this stuff while playing video games.

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I think Joe’s more likely to eventually have him quietly handled for his rudeness, over giving the cockhead what he wants. That’d be the smarter move... we’ll ignoring the cunt’d be smarter.


The Game seems to be coming back hard with disses .. Hope that will keep him relevant