Ghostface Killah Comment Sets Action Bronson Off...

Looks like somebody tried to be slick with a comment about GFK and an interview goes left.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I am not sure what to make of this. Action Bronson sits down with some dudes that suddenly offend him with a Ghostface Killah comment. I am sure these gentlemen are cool and they are likely fans of the culture, BUT they are not AllHipHop! It would be cool if A.B. came to the offices and conducted a dope Hip-Hop interview with us. Anyway, these dudes at Barstool did a very cool interview with Action Bronson, but when somebody tosses GFK's name in there, things go left. I think that they could have been beaten up if cameras weren't rolling.

Now, people are raving over this like Action Bronson was truly going to kill somebody or something, but he wasn't. He was probably tight, because it was a sneak attack. Anyway, we'd never do that, but we'd also never get an interview with AC. Facts.

I am hearing that after this incident, the rest of the day in interviews was cancelled. Man, God Bless. Now, people of a certain age remember when it all started. Action Bronson came in the game sounding a lot like Ghostface. I took it as a compliment, but his star continued to rise. Eventually, from a mainstream point of view, Action became more popular than Ghost. He published book and had cooking shows on VICE tv. AC isn't a bad dude.

Who remembers this?

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AB voice and flow sound alot like GF - if it was purposely i dont know but it was like Shyne and big, or Gorilla Black and Big all had same voice too, but why else would they specifically bring up GF if they didnt want an a rise out of him?


There was a time when you would get beat up for biting someone’s style. Now it’s perfectly fine. Boy this generation I tell ya.