Gillie Da King Goes In On Bow Wow For Imitating Him With Advice Videos


Gillie Da King says that Bow Wow isn't qualified to give advice to anyone on anything!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Oftentimes, it seems like the best thing that Bow Wow could do is to stay OFF of social media and find a social media manager. It's like the kid sets himself up time and time again.

Unfortunately almost everything that Bow Wow posts gets him relentlessly roasted.

This time around, Shad Moss posted a post saying that he was going to start giving relationship advice on a weekly basis to men that have been hitting him up.

Of course many people felt like no one was hitting Bow Wow, of all people, up about relationship and dating advice.

Bow Wow advised fellas to always feed a girl even if they are only messing around.

Bow's video immediately got compared to those of Gillie Da King with most feeling like he was biting Gillie's style.

I think for this one, I'm on Bow Wow's side [only 2% though] because there can be more than one person giving advice! Now while this is true, the real problem is that people don't want the advice to come from Bow Wow.

Gillie responded to the comparison by saying,

"Bow Wow just said somebody hopped in his DM and asked him for some game. Imitation is the best form of flattery. But then he on there talking about she called you up during booty time hours. He talking back she was probably scarfing dick down her throat..... Boy if you don't get your suburbian ass always had a couple dollars since I was ten, ain't never been out here in the streets, ain't qualified to give nobody no game about nothing. Now all of a sudden someone in your DM. He couldn't even control Erica Mena that f-cking slorior. Why would they be asking you for game n-gga."

Awwww man, I feel like Bow is going to respond, and get roasted for the minimum of two days for his response. LOL. I can't wait to see this one.

I can't fathom what person would be in Bow Wow's DMs asking about relationship advice. Carry on!

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Dude is wack just like them Oh St Bumguys I mean Buckeyes


Lmao bow wow is played cuh he need to just write for cats oh wait dupri and brat wrote his shit...welp uh not much left he can do. He trying to stay in the public eye lol he stay getting clowned doe