Goons Run Up On Lil Baby And Take His Chain And He Responds!

Rumors are swirling that QC Rapper Lil Baby was robbed and had his chain snatched while in Las Vegas.

By: Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) QC Rapper Lil Baby has been enjoying a phenomenal 2018 run. It all began in 2017 after his single “My Dawg” became a hit.

2018 would be no different as Lil Baby would continue to drop hit records. His single “Yes, Indeed” featuring Drake would be one of the years surprise hits.

However, that wouldn’t be the end of his chart topping reign as he would team with fellow Atlanta native Gunna later in the year. Their single “Drip Too Hard” would also become a hit as they released their collaboration project “Drip Harder.”

The year couldn’t be going any better for Lil Baby. However, there were people plotting on Lil Baby as he was robbed over the weekend.

Apparently Lil Baby was in Las Vegas when he was approached by 3 men. The men would pistol whip his security guard before later snatching one of the Rappers chains.

However, according to Lil Baby himself that’s a lie.

"If you heard I got My Chain Snatch You Heard A m********** Lie anything with baby name on it gets attention!!," said Lil Baby.

So from the source those rumors are a lie, but that still hasn’t stopped people from talking about the incident. The incident doesn’t look to be slowing down Lil Baby’s momentum as he continues to perform and make appearances even after the incident.

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Lil Baby???? That name alone is corny???? All this for news and publicity?????