Groupie Claps Back At Offset's Legal Letter Over Pregnancy!


Poor Offset. This Celina chick needs some serious help.

By Ne’ Richa

(AllHipHop Rumors) Celina Powell, IG model turned dirty home wrecker, still isn't letting up on her current accusations that Offset allegedly left her with a gut full of seed.

The Migos member is not letting up on his innocence, and has hired famed law firm Manatt, Phelps, and Phillips to pursue the matter from a legal stance.

A cease and desist letter was sent to Powell.

The letter also revealed that if Powell received $50,000, she would get an abortion. Offset also mentioned that he never met the woman before.

While it is still unclear the validity of her claims, a man by the name of @YoungK5280 has come forward with receipts proving that he is the father of the baby.

He took to Twitter to posts screenshots of a conversation between him and Powell discussing who would be in the delivery room, and also suggested that the dates match up.

Powell even alluded to past "fake" pregnancy claims made by herself in her original ultrasound post on Instagram, as she explained that this times she's sure.

Her story seems to be falling apart on all sides, and only time will tell if there is any truth to her claims.

Cardi B, on the other hand, seems to have accepted all of this current drama with her fiancee as karma, or as she puts it, Darma.

Apparently Celina just wants a big payout, and she's after Offset's Migos money!

It seems like Celina may have some mental health issues as she's already faked pregnancies by Fetty Wap and Chief Keef.

One wonders if Offset has confided to her personally his guilt, or if she is reading the headlines as we all are and may be adding two and two together.

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