Groupie Tells It All about "Nasty Nas"!



(AllHipHop Rumors) By now, all celebrities have to understand that they choose to mess around with blabber-mouth groupies at their own risk. LOL.

Either a woman is way too excited about her sexual escapades with Nas and their time spent, or he has cut her off, so she feels like she has nothing to lose. Either way she is telling it all.

With all of these shared details, it should be fairly easy for Nas to pinpoint who's been running their mouth.

Anyway, the woman claims that Nas is a heavy weed smoker, and she believes he is a low-key alcoholic because of his heavy Hennessy consumption. Hey, I like Hen too.

On the positive side, she says he's very down to earth, shy, and not with the Hollywood ish.

Ladies you can shoot your shot because according to her, Nas dates all ages and women from all backgrounds. Supposedly he hasn't been in a real relationship since Kelis as he's enjoying the bachelor lifestyle.

They mystery woman says Nas loves his black women especially the brown and "chocolate ones." Oh yea, he allegedly has a foot fetish.

The lady claims that the two have gotten it on sexually, but she can't get flown out to indulge more because of her hectic work schedule. She did say that Nas is very freaky and kinky, and he turned her out by having her do things she's never done before.

"He enjoys the single life. He loves giving and recieving head. He ate my pussy from the front and back for like 30 minutes. I rode his face as well. He told me he usually don't put the tongue down on the first night because its brutal and causes strong feelings. HIS MOUTH IS DEFINTELY BRUTAL," said the groupie.

While the woman was telling it all across the internet, she went on to say he's very sweet, but the jealous type. According to her, he likes to eat a lot, and he doesn't view himself as a sex symbol, so he's not concerned about a six pack.

Mr. Jones is said to be a big kid who loves video games and any and everything old school. Escobar also allegedly thinks both of his baby mamas are crazy b-tches according to the woman.

Well ladies, you can also shoot your shot because Nasty Nas also allegedly falls into temptation.

We know who won't be getting another plane ticket; this chick! Why do they kiss and tell? Aren't these kind of details supposed to be kept on the low? Carry on.