Gucci Mane and T.I. Clash Over Who Created Trap Music


This is like a new kind of beef, but a timeless one nevertheless.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I always thought it was pretty much common wisdom that T.I. created the sub-genre of Hip-Hop called Trap Music – or Muzik, as he stylized. But then Gucci Mane came with this the other day.

I ignored it because it was almost silly. Tip didn’t ignore it. He even seemed to be angry at his ATL counterpart for even THINKING HE CREATED IT!

T.I. said:

Ok,so.... AGAIN for the slow ones in the back...
August 19th,2003
Birth of Trap Muzik &
Only fools dispute facts!!! FOH wit that Christopher Columbus ass...
“Look what I discovered,even though they was already here ass sh\t!!!!”

Honestly, I am not sure what this says – LOL! Is “GOOD CAPPIN ASS” a compliment? I know Gucci killed somebody once and that would make him a good capper. Anyway, Tip never @’d Gucci or anything, but we all see what’s going on here!

Now, some are arguing that the Trap “sound” is something that people like Gucci and Jeezy made popular. The term “trap” definitely came before Tip, but Tip added “music” to the end and therefore made it a “thing.” I need to go watch the BBC or MSNBC. Lol….

Why Tip say "the slow ones" though?

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T.I. or Gucci didn't create no damn trap music ...only those not from the deep south believes that. I'm from alabama and just turned 40 and ghetto mafia was rapping about and saying trap in many of their songs when i was walking to high school with a headphone set. And back then wasn't no such thing as t.i. and gucci. If you not deep South you only go go by what you think going on down here but don't know


You are right, along with 8 ball MJG, Tommy Wright, Playa Fly This whole Outkast Master P b.s. is totally false.


Technically Outkast was rapping about the trap on there first album, UGK mentioned, Master P Mr. Ice Cream Man was trap..etc...but T.I. made "Trap Music" sound famous.


Ghetto Mafia started rappin about trap music first