Guess The 2 Rappers Dropping Albums This Year!

We just may have some last minute entries into 2018!

(AllHipHop Rumors) All the little rag mags, blogs and trash sites like AllHipHop (hee hee) are getting started on their end of the years run downs. Now, I for one have stopped contributing to them. Some people are trying to get me to do something, but I am not feeling it. What I am feeling is the idea that Drake may be releasing a follow up to Scorpion already. Now,Scorpion was a hell of an album - a double dose of Drizzy! He managed to come back after a terrible L to Pusha T to regain his dignity and domination. Drake is back on top! I think that boy is driven in a way we can only imagine. I'm going to start calling him Dominating Drizzy.

Who else could you ask for?

The homie 6ix9ine has teased that he is about to drop an album on Black Friday! Are you down? Are you ready? How his this dude alive still? I don't wish death on him and I hope that he lives a long, long life! I just cannot imagine the beef - or DOES HE? I dunno. Either way, Tekkie is trying to drop another gem on ya stankin' a$$es! Ready?

Where is that Nas album? Remember people were saying that Nas was going to drop another album that would make us forget about the album with Kanye West, which shall remain nameless. See, you didn't have to guess and I even mentioned Nas. LOL!