Guess What Happened When Ty Dolla $ign Paints His Fingers And Toes!

The government is full of corruption, but people are up in arms over Ty Dolla $ign's crusty feet.

(AllHipHop Rumors) First of all, Ty Dolla $ign has the best lawyer in the game. I was shocked when he was seemingly caught with drugs in a bag and managed to beat the case. You know how they do us! Good for him. On the other side of life, Ty has seemingly renounced all his bad boy ways and gone the way of the sparrow. Don't ask me what the way of the sparrow is, because I just made it up. Anyway, he's not about that trouble life, hopefully and is now down for more of a rock star life.

He decided to paint his feet and his fingers and tell everybody about it. And everybody had something to say about it too.

I am wondering what the big deal is. They basically made abortion completely illegal in Alabama and we are wondering about a man's painted nails. I guess I can't be too judgmental since I am writing about it.

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Milwaukee crew
Milwaukee crew

Ty dolla sign is "FRUITY LOOTY"