Guess What Kardashian Master P Kicked Out Of His Family!

Poppa Master P doesn't play that mess!

(AllHipHop Rumors) You know, Master P! His name is freakin' Master so you know he's a thoro-bred. On the low, he basically made everybody call him "master," but it was mostly for white people. #IJS Anyway, Master P's son Romeo apparently used to date Khloe Kardashian right before he graduated out of high school.

Apparently, Romeo made the revelation on a nationally televised show. In the interview, they asked him if he ever dated somebody his parents didn't approve off. And he ended up saying that he dated Khloe as a senior in high school. KK allegedly came to his graduation party for some fun and Master P kicked her clean out of the party! I wonder of he made Khloe say "Uhhhhhhhhhh!"

I wonder what happened to the Master P movie that was in the works? I don't know, but it was slated to go in production last year and come out this year. It is not looking positive. Check out the trailer.

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Chunky Khloe KARTRASHIAN Was the Class PinCushion everybody poked her- that NoTalent Cum Dumpster!