Guess Which Actress Joe Budden Was Supposed To Fake A Relationship With?!

Joe Budden knows all about publicity stunts because his former record label tried to make him do one.

(AllHipHop Rumors) While many, including myself, are still questioning the authenticity of Cardi B and Migos member Offset's relationship, one person who definitely understands how it could be a publicity stunt is Joe Budden!

On an episode of Complex's 'Everyday Struggle', DJ Akademiks argued that Migos doesn't need any type of publicity or marketing stunts like a fake break up because they are the biggest group on top right now.

Joe Budden told Ak that he was really stupid to believe that Migos doesn't need anything in regards to marketing and promo just because they are the biggest group.

Joe Budden says that he believes that all of the recent announcements coming from Offset and Migos lately are related. With this said, he believes that a break up between Cardi B and Offset could be a perfect and related publicity stunt for Migos.

The Migos have been teasing and promoting 'Culture II' forever anyway.

At this point, nothing seems too far or off limits in terms of staged publicity.

Joe even reveals that when he got signed when he was 22, his record label told him to fake a relationship with actress Nia Long, and he couldn't understand why.

Joe believes that the label or someone at the label may have suggested that Cardi be apart of this fake break up that lasted for about 16 hours.

Some of these publicity stunts make you give these artists the side eye, but I honestly believe most of these announcements and relationships are created to drum up publicity and support for these artists' projects.

I wonder how Nia Long felt about the fake relationship plan back then.

What other celebrities do you think could be in fake relationships?

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