Guess Which Rapper Got Dave Chappelle Extremely High?!


In hilarious news, rapper Danny Brown has taken credit for Dave Chapelle’swild Detroit story.

by ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors)

Many of us wondered who was the mysterious rapper Dave Chapelle was name dropping in his new Netflix special. I mean when it comes to weed it could’ve been a number of rappers from the veterans and legends to the newcomers.

Danny Brown decided to come through with the last puzzle piece as he filled in the blanks revealing that he had in fact given Chapelle some pretty strong weed before his performance.

Hilarious. If you remember, some of the attendees weren’t to satisfied with this exact show as they felt that Dave was definitely under the influence of something.

Welp, mystery solved. I don’t know how y’all do it. I swear weed would knock me completely off of my game. LOL. Carry on.