Guess Who Admits That He Is A Crazy Stalker!



(AllHipHop Rumors) Some of the most talented people on earth are also the craziest and most troubled ones. LOL.

Yall know the very talented Chris Brown is a couple sandwiches short of a picnic and his train is off the track at times. But water is wet, and you didn't hear that from me because I ain't one to gossip. LOL. No but seriously this fool is nuts. LOL.


Breezy just admitted that he is a crazy stalker who loves hard. Given his past, you can guess why this is scary to most.

Chris shared a video letting you know that he is crazy over-the-top when he loves a woman.

"Ladies, y’all be complaining about n-ggas being like stalkers in love with y’all and all kinda crazy sh-t. And get tired of him. Well guess what? I’m one of them n-ggas. If I love you b-tch, ain’t nobody gonna have you. Imma make you miserable. Imma chase that n-gga out, Imma chase yo ass around."

Lawd someone put Karrueche in Madea's witness protection lol. He said if he loves a woman can't nobody else have her. Nah CB, this sounds like some Lifetime, Investigation Discovery, Fatal Attraction type shhhhhh.

I know how crazy love can have one acting at times though. I also know to believe people when they tell you or show you who they are too. LOL. Noted Brown, this has been noted.