Guess Who Believes They Have The "Michael Jackson" Hit Of This Generation?



(AllHipHop Rumors) Alright now! Yall are getting out of hand with these Michael Jackson comparisons.


I already had to give Birdman a mean side eye when he compared Young Thug to Michael and Prince.

Now I see that Migos are off their rockers also.

While I'm sure they are enjoying the success of their No. 1 hit, "Bad & Boujee" and their No. 1 album, 'Culture', there's no need to get carried a way. LOL. It's still all love though.

Before rapper/actor Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino gave them the cosign of the era, Migos already had a name for themselves, various hits, and various major collaborations.

Glover's shout out helped take their song "Bad & Boujee" to the top of the charts, and the rap trio sat down with Ebro In The Morning to talk the success of the record.

In the interview with Hot 97, Migos discuss their influence on today's Hip-Hop and what they've brought to the game as well as how they've inspired others in it.

The trio titled their album 'Culture' because they feel that it's time to own the culture of Hip Hop and claim it. They feel that they've done a lot for music, and they believe that there are artists bigger than them that get recognition off of their flow.

Apparently it was the mumble rap criticism that drove Migos to do even more.

It was all good until they said that they feel "Bad and Boujee" is the Michael Jackson "Bad" record of this generation.

There have been, and they always will be hit records and records that went pretty high up the chart even regardless of their quality or lack thereof, but I'm sorry fam, there is no comparison to "Bad" and "B&B".

“I compare it to Michael Jackson’s “Bad". We haven’t had that type of song in a long time that just makes you feel bad. To make you feel like [it ’s] your crew against my crew. The beat just did something to me at the knees, man. It just made my knees wiggle, man. It gave me attitude. It gave me something to feel good about when it came on — and it was history from there,” said Quavo.

The song is dope, but as far as the MJ comparison..........issa NO!