Guess Who’s Back In The Studio?

Oh you thought he was gone? Oh you thought he was just going to ride off into the sunset on a White horse? NOPE.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Guess who is back in the studio? I heard a bird and that bird told me that Benzino is about to hit the streets again with his hardcore brand of Hip-Hop. THIS THE NEWS YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!



The word on the street is that Benzino has been in the lab cooking up some heat! I know some of you might You might recall Zino was the “co-owner” of The Source at one point and the centerpiece of The Almighty RSO and Made Men. He also was on Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta even though he’s from Boston. NEVERTHELESS! Zino is also know for standing up to Eminem.

Check out the song where Benzino and the Untouchables killed it!

Zino somewhere looking at yall like this:

That's awesome.😒

Just what Hip-Hop needs, another middle-aged man stuck in his childhood, attempting to deliver street mafioso bars in an era where literally NOBODY cares about the keys of coke, bodies you've clapped, or the lavish lifestyle the life has provided.....please hold this L forever Benzino.


Real shit^


One of the last people I wanna hear new music from.

I actually clicked on here thinking you was going to say Em or Royce or Scarface or Jada or (insert early aughts rapper here) this fool said Benzino -_-

LMAO @DM77 truth. Benzino's mama don't want a new Benzino record. I aint never ever ever hop'd into somebody's car and dey had Benzino playing lol


Im still bumping Bang ta Dis

It is what it is