Guess Who’s In The Beyhive & Hoping For A Beyonce Collaboration?!


I mean who doesn’t want to work with the Queen Bey?! Yall can play like yall don’t realize it, but Beyonce even has some of yall’s favorite rappers in “Formation”, okay.

by ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors) During an interview, Migos member Quavo revealed that he was indeed a card-holding dues-paying member of Beyonce’s fan base, the Beyhive.

Takeoff even revealed that the entire group was in the Beyhive. Apparently the Migos are HUGE fans of Beyonce, and Quavo stated that they’d love to collaborate with her. He even went on to call her the Queen.

Now Beyonce has been known to give a few surprises, but I don’t really see her collaborating with Migos. She would’ve been more likely to incorporate “Bad & Boujee” into one of her dance sets [as she did with many songs] on tour than to do a song with them. Or DJ Khaled would’ve been more likely to bring them out during his Hip Hop sets that opened her Formation Tour, than for them to be on the same track. But hey, never say never.

Migos, we totally understand and are right there with you in the Beyhive.