Guess Who Wants To Sign Lil Pump?


Pump Pump Pump it up! Lil Pump could be down with a big time winner soon!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Lil Pump is ready to sign and he’s putting it out there that he’s ready to sign to somebody. DJ Akademiks managed to talk about the fact that Gucci Mane wants to sign the Florida rapper to a deal. As you should have heard, Pump was on Interscope but they deaded it, because he was too young to sign. I am not sure if that’s a good fit, but we’ll see. I find it interesting that Lil Pump is already the subject of SNL and things. He’s already a media darling! Why sign to anybody? I am not sure, but I guess the “Gucci Gang” movement makes it a visual fit for OG Gucci Mane.

I know Gucci has money, but I think this dude Lil Pump is looking for lottery money.

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Lol? Sign? Hell naw he is in the best position right now. He has a hit, the machine gave him the spot light. He better pull a chance the rapper and keep it indie. Sign to a rapper? No way....