Guru's Nephew Says Solar Is Pretending To Be Related To Guru

Justin Nicholas-Elam Ruff, the nephew of rapper Guru, has crafted another video where he chronicles going to see his uncle. Ruff claims that Solar and his wife are pretending to be Guru's brother and sister in an effort to have control over Guru's affairs. In an interview on Hot 97, Solar denied preventing family from seeing Guru. Ruff's video, titled Guru's Nephew's MOMENT OF TRUTH (Part 1), is pretty explosive stuff that raises more questions!

Here is part 2.


Part 1 of this interview created more questions than answers as Solar was very evasive. I know from AllHipHop's point of view, we want to know that the statement we got was authentic and from Guru! Now, it is looking all too weird! I'm speaking for myself and not the staff. Fans care about Guru too and want to know what's up! Solar also made it seem that Guru doesn't want to see anybody from his past...There were some issues, but at a time like this? Wild! This is about to get deeper and deeper!

Part 2