Had Beyonce & Jay Z Given Up On Having More Kids Before The Twins?!


Although Beyonce recently broke the net with her pregnancy, sources say the road to expanding the Carter family was a rough one!

by ClassicOne

Apparently Jay Z’s sperm and Beyonce’s eggs were a bit hesitant to unite and get in formation!

Let USMagazine tell it, the Carters were about to give up on conceiving Blue Ivy’s little brother or sister after trying time and time to conceive.

A source close to the couple revealed that Hov and Bey had been trying to conceive for a while, and that Bey had even suffered a miscarriage before the birth of Blue.

Apparently the couple was frustrated after unsuccessful in-vitro fertilization treatments. They were even allegedly looking into adoption or surrogates.

What’s hilarious is the fact that some people still don’t believe Bey carried Blue or that she’s carrying these twins herself after that Deflategate interview scandal. LOL.

But hey I’m happy for the Carters because just when they were giving up, they got not one but two new blessings.

I’m just trying to slide up in the baby shower!