Hardcore Philly Rapper Dark Lo Arrested By The Feds!


Nooooo...not Dark Lo! One of our favorites is in jail!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Dark Lo has been arrested according to reports unverified with AllHipHop. The Philly rapper was apparently arrested today in his hometown by the FEDS, which has got people wondering what happened!

Dark Lo is an associate of AR-AB (nee Abdul Ibrahim West) and he may be in deep water even though nobody quite knows what the charges against him are. As for AR-AB, he is presently on trial for distribution of narcotics. He faces LIFE in prison! 

The internet is in a frenzy over Dark Lo, because he was NOT caught up in any mix! We thought he would be safe, especially since he was seemingly focused on rap! To me, he and his team were like an extended Griselda-type crew- just from Philly. The internets are going wild! We love Dark Lo!!!!

Check out his album American Made:

Now, let us continue. Dark Lo had gotten pretty political on this album. I doubt it was a factor, but you never know who could have gotten pissed off. 

Now, the streets are saying that somebody is telling aka snitching on AR-AB and he may be faced with a very REGULAR situation all too familiar! AR and posse were arrested about a year ago and charged with drug distro and trafficking...Crack, Meth...Heroin. 

Here is more on the snitching...the snitch is allegedly scared of Dark Lo!

AR-AB and members of his OBH crew were picked up by federal agents nearly a year ago. Feds charged the crew with alleged drug trafficking, and multiple counts related to distribution.

Definitely sad to see Dark Lo caught up so soon. Maybe this will just be a part of his story and not a something that will derail his life. Here is some more...

Here is that political song, in case you don't listen to the whole album.

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Vigilant Los Angeles Detective TV (VLADTV) strikes again!!!!


I wondered how this nigh ran with ar ab and didn't get picked up


Dontez stewart aka taz didnt want dark lo in the court room because he was snitching on Lo