Has A Big Name Rapper Come Out As Gay?

Has Kevin Gates just come out of the closet right on stage?

(AllHipHop Rumors) You hear it right there: "I'm 'bout d##k too." Somebody just said it like that at a Kevin Gates show. "I'll eat your pu$$y good...I'm 'bout d##k too," somebody goes on to say. That somebody is allegedly Kevin Gates, and it sure sounds like him even if you cannot see it as him from the distance in the footage below. Kevin Gates is a lot of things, husband, rapper and Muslim. Could he be adding gay man to his resume? Take a look at this video and let me know what YOU think?

Now, Kevin Gates says in the next video that he is NOT gay and he explains why, per Muslim religious law, that he would be killed if he was.

He said it only takes four witnesses and that's that. How does that work in the front of all those people? I personally don't care if he is gay or not, but the Innanets are going bonkers over this sudden revelation. Which isn't so sudden. The rumors have persisted for quite some time. I didn't help when he got NBA Young Boy's mug tatted on his body.


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I wish people would just LISTEN instead of falling for the sensational headline. If you LISTEN, he said he BROUGHT dick too. This is based on an old joke of someone that eats good pussy, and the female states "And he BROUGHT" dick too! Don't let the accent confuse you. This dude is not gay, and even if he was, so fucking what? Grow the fuck up. AHH, this is irresponsible reporting, and you need to check whoever wrote this waste of an article.


Yall so lame for this that's down south slang he saying ill eat your pussy good and dick you down to..smh lames