Has Azealia Banks Signed A New Record Deal?



(AllHipHop Rumors) Azealia Banks is a professional troll so we don't even know how true this is.

As you know her and Bad Gal Rihanna got into an Instagram feud after Azealia Banks took shots at Rihanna for speaking up against Donald Trump's "Muslim Ban."

Rihanna's loyal Navy fan base is one that doesn't play! After days of getting drug to hell and back, Banks felt that it was necessary to respond to the Navy.


She noted that it's funny that they think she's so irrelevant, but every time she does something it makes global headlines.

One person even told her that she was disgusting, and it was basically over for her because no one would support her.

Banks responded with a little bit of news.

"Funny I just got a deal AND an A&R job," said Banks

Who in their right mind in 2017 would give Azealia a new deal and an A&R position? She can't even hold her current musical career together. Poor RZA, bless his soul. I still can't believe he tried to help her knowing all that he knew about her.

It has to be an independent label because I just can't and won't believe anyone else is touching this. Whoever signed her has to be in the bunch of people that still go to Lauryn Hill concerts in 2017. They just don't want to accept reality.

We really need to get Azealia Banks and Lauryn Hill some help. I'm telling you man, both have to be struggling with mental health issues.

If you could guess a label, which label do you think allegedly gave Banks a deal?

SN Rihanna got Azealia good with those chicken nuggets jokes. It's sad that the chickens had to be sacrificed because of her nuttiness.

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