Has Nas Secretly Retired From Rap Music?


Did Nas let music go or is he just making money in other ways?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Nas is one of the best ever. Top 5 DOA. He’s also a rapper that has not fallen to the ravages of older age. However, has not dropped an album in like 5 years solid. He has done a host of dope songs and cameo appearances but that’s about it.

I was on a message board and they were speculative. Maybe Nas secretly retired. He’s making the real money off those tours like the one with Lauryn Hill. He did that special with the orchestra. And most importantly, he’s got a slew of investments that includes Mass Appeal, restaurant and money in the tech space. Who needs rap?

Well, rap needs Nas. Or does it!?! Nas occupied a nice niche but now, a few people have moved in that space. Also, “kids” are in a different space completely...Nas may be just preserving his brand. He even dated Nicki Minaj.

What do you think?