Has Nicki Minaj Completely Cut Ties With H&M?


Nicki's fans need answers now.

By Ne'Richa

(AllHipHop Rumors) This week, H&M came under fire for releasing a photograph of a young, African American boy who was outfitted with a very unflattering sweatshirt carrying the caption “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle”.

Critique came in almost immediately from celebrities of all kinds, including rappers, sport stars, and actors. One person who has remained mysteriously quiet amidst the backlash is Nicki Minaj, who currently has a partnership with the brand.

Fans have noticed that, although she has silently removed H&M related posts from her Instagram page, she still has yet to be vocal about her stance.

Could she be trying to remain politically fair in order to not burn her professional bridges?

It’s hard to tell why she hasn’t made an opinionated post. It is also unclear if she will remain under contract with the brand, who has since issued a formal apology along with removing the photo, as well as the hooded sweatshirt, from their store.

We hope that Nicki uses this opportunity to regain trust with her fan base. Considering her silence during other major occurrences, such as the nightclub shooting at Pulse in Orlando, it’s safe to say that her base would like to see her express herself and show some compassion.

Oh yeah, Safaree seems to want her back for the millionth time also.


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